Remember These Things When Designing Your Booth

These days it has become more and more essential that you have creative design solutions to help your brand stand out on the trade show floor. Good booth design is instrumental in attracting prospects and holding their attention. However, it’s not only about how big your booth is or how much you spent on your design this year that will measure your success. Keep reading for the best booth design tips that will attract the right kind of customers to your booth.

Shinier Doesn’t Always Mean Better

If you’ve been on a media, marketing, or technology trade show floor you’ve probably enjoyed some cotton candy, ice cream machines, or an espresso bar. While these may draw the crowds, it may not translate to sales.

While providing a great experience for attendees is important, without a solid strategy these things are just flash—they attracts crowds, not prospects. If you have expendable budget for extras by all means go for it, as long as it is on brand. However, no company should rely on this tactic only to actually convert prospects.

Stay True To Your Brand Story

Many, many times we see brands showing up with cool ideas for the trade show floor that have nothing to do with their company. All in an effort to stand out from the crowd we see people actually standing so far away from their company story in the process. Stay true to your company ethos, message, and offerings, so that after the show is over, people go home and actually remember you.

Don’t Showcase Your Prospects, Invite Them In

When you walk around a trade show, you will notice most booth designs feature a table, chairs or design furniture at the immediate entrance of the booth area. This is a major mistake. Your prospects begin their brand experience with a physical barrier.

While it might seem like a good idea to put a table near the front to showcase your meetings, this tactic will not attract prospects. People tend to go where they feel welcome, and they certainly won’t go where they feel put on the spot. Design your booth to suit these needs.

Be careful not to exploit hospitality to increase pitch opportunities. People aren’t stupid. Lately we’ve seen brands place “charging stations”, seating, or a variety of other amenities within their booth space. After surveying dozens of attendees about this, most people readily admit they hate it.

People know if they enter a brand’s zone, they’re going to be pitched. And they don’t want to be pitched, they want to charge their phone.

If you plan to feature a zone like this in your booth, take the time to design a comfortable space. Leave some branded material on the tables but let people know that the space truly is free to use.

Go Ahead, Be Obvious

A quick glance around the trade show floor often tells prospects zilch about the companies behind the booths—but it should. That quick glance is about all the attention you can garner from prospects and pique their interest. Designing clear, branded visuals will help grab their attention and remember where you’re located if the staff is too busy to chat with them at that exact moment.

Joy Kennedy